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The Wadsworth Lacrosse Club Board members would like to thank the Founders of the Wadsworth Lacrosse Club.  Your generous donation of $250 or more helped make the organization of this club possible. 

  • Bill and Sue Blind  
  • Vera Blind
  • Jim and Debi Blind
  • Jane and Phil Power 
  • Chris and Maria Daull
  • Brian and Jackie Gabel
  • Tom and Tracey Hargis    
  • Daniel Rospert  
  • Jeffrey and Nicole Kisor  
  • Hazel Kramer and Greg Kramer  
  • Thomas Powell 
  • Lemoyne and Carol Tuckerman  
  • Carol Weir  
  • David Gordon
  • Qualiform Inc.
  • Gardiner Trane 
  • MIFSUD  Family Fund 
  • CDR Restaruant Group LTD  (Casa Del Rio Restaurant)
  • Family Statcare of Northeast Ohio LLC
  • Play It Again Sports
  • Jeff and Debbie Covert


We would also like to thank everyone that made a monetary donation or a donation of personal time and/or professional services.  Your dedication and support helps make Wadsworth Lacrosse Club a success!

  • Jim Davis: founder of Big Dog Lacrosse 
  • Michael Callow, Attorney 
  • Russell Corwin, RW Corwin & Company 
  • Jeff T. Warner, DDS
  • Daphne and Ronald Roach
  • Padgett-Young Insurance Co 
  • Dr. Deitrich
  • MC Sports
  • Custom Sportswear
  • Mueller Lawn & Landscape
  • Beef O'Brady's Restaurant
  • Cleats Sports Grille & Bar
  • Star Sports
  • Sherman Provision
  • McDonald's Restaurant - Wadsworth